Fashion Blogs to Follow

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These are my most visited blogs and I’ll tell you why!

purse 'n boots

Written by: Ashley Glorioso


Senior Stylist for Nasty Gal.  She is a bad ass boho chick, who knows how to make fun of herself and some of her off the wall fashion choices.  I love the little tidbits she writes at the bottom of her photo’s that chronicle a bit of her life and how/why she put that particular outfit together.  She wears lots of Zara, For Love and Lemons, Nasty Gal and amazing vintage finds.  Her style faves seem to be booties, ripped tees, sequins, fur jackets, lace/knits and a touch of well layered and simple jewelery.  Check out her feature on the Nasty Gal Blog as well.


Written By: Natalie Joos


I think of her as the real life Carrie Bradshaw.  A real, New York City casting agent and consultant to fashion brands across the board.  She’s a street style favorite and has a look that is so uniquely her own, I have yet to see anyone else master it quite as well.  With pieces of clothing that look more like artwork to me, she is able to mix and match bold prints and shapes that many would never think to do.  She pulls it all off, always, with simple hair and makeup that rivals all the gold and glitter I’m usually attracted to.  A must read from vintage to modern fashion lovers.


Written By: Jena Gambaccini


I am not totally sure how I stumbled upon this blog, but I think it was through the popular page on Instagram.  I’d love to live in Chicago at some point, so I started following chicityfashion with the idea that I could get a feel for what the fashion there is like.  Turns out Jena is a girl after my own heart who loves food, fashion and living the city life!  Her style has a bit of a structured, tomboy feel, with lots of girly details.  She loves everything over sized, simple gold jewelry and mani Monday.

Above are my top three, that I literally look at almost everyday.  Here are a few others to check out.


Written By: Rachel Zoe & Team

The Zoe Report is less of a blog and more straight to the point fashion and beauty recommendations.  The reason I don’t frequent it more often is because the products are often out of my price range, which just makes me sad.  I am not a fan of window shopping, which is what it feels like to oggle over designer goods on The Zoe Report.  What I do like is the the coverage of fashion trends and happenings in the fashion world.


Founded By: Philippe Von Bories, Justin Sefano, Christene Barberich & Piera Gelardi

This site has many writers now, but started from a small team of four friends.  Their posts are definitely aimed at the mid-20’s gal which obviously appeals to me. The overall tone of the site is best described as cheeky.  Most of their articles have a fun/naughty twist which makes reading about things like cures for acne more tolerable.  I’ve put to good use much of their beauty and fashion advice.



Happy, Healthy, Curls


Curls for blogMy curly hair routine has been my life’s struggle, so I’d like to think it is the subject I have the most expertise on.  Ever since a fatal chop my sophomore year of college, I’ve been trying to grow my hair out.  And looking through pictures, it never seems to be any longer than shoulder length!  Meanwhile, straight hair seems to grow like a weed.  I’ve done quite a bit of research (Pinteresting) to get to the bottom of this crucial dilemma.  Take a look for yourself: You’ll find my hair section littered with braids, purple hair, and tips for growing long, healthy, curls.

My Routine:

1.  Sulfate free shampoo.  Sulfate strips the scalp of it’s natural oils, which for dry, curly hair, are essential to it’s health and in turn the growth of hair.  The product I use, solely because of it’s affordability is L’Oreal Paris sulfate free.


2. Moisturizing conditioner.  I use Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner, also because of the price and recommendations from other curly girls.


3.  Oil or leave in conditioner.  This one I switch up quite frequently.  I used MoroccanOil for a while because my hair stylist gave me a deal on it, then switched to various drug store brands that have Moroccan oil in their product.  As of late I’ve been using a thicker leave in conditioner to add some volume to my hair.  Clearly this step is something that varies for each person depending on the end result desired.

Last but not least!  The most important step I’ve learned this year is to not over do it with products and drying.  I have cut back to washing/conditioning every 2-3 days and drying my hair upside down with an old t-shirt which is less harsh on curls and spreads the scalps natural oils.  In general I am of the go natural philosophy, and from my research have concluded that the best thing for a curly girl’s hair is the natural oils your scalp produces.  My curls have never been happier =)

What are your curly hair tips?