Period Problems

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With this BBC article, I was inspired to write about the period.  Don’t run away yet!  I promise this will not be a gorey post.  Menstruation and the taboos surrounding it have been common topics recently among my friends and I.  The subject was most recently broached when discussing having our period at work, and the embarrassing feeling that comes along with having to walk to the bathroom with a tampon in our hand.  God forbid people might know we are on our period!  How did this generation of women become this way?

In a broader sense, women’s menstruation in India is stigmatized heavily.  So much so that they do not have access to proper sanitation.  Women’s rights in India are altogether a huge issue, however just this one basic need is not met partly due to the taboos surrounding it and a lack of education.  If we expect to be able to make a change on the other side of the world, it is important that those who are able around the world leads by example.

I’m glad to see women like Rupi Kaur, starting a conversation about the topic.  Women have had a period since the beginning of time, you’d think it would be a comfortable topic at this point.  I think a lack of education and communication, both in and outside of school, has lead societies around the world to create this awkward bubble around periods.  So I say to girlfriends, talk to your boyfriends about your period, to mothers, talk to your sons about periods, sisters, talk to your brothers.  Open communication is key.  On my part, I refuse to hide my tampon in my sleeve on my way to the bathroom.


Spring Fashion Must Haves


Now that we’re approaching Spring, it’s time to update the wardrobe!  Although, with this weird weather who knows what season it is.  But the sun is out today, so flowy, light, floral pieces are on my mind.

Since my stint at Anthropologie, I have been obsessed with jackets!  They have such special, bold, artistic, prints that make an outfit pop with little effort.  These are a few I found on Pinterest that I’ve been inspired by.

valentino-800 magdalena-jasek-elle-poland-photos-2014-02-612x911  tumblr_n37ip3IkLJ1tsneneo1_500

Moving on down, boyfriend jeans are perfect for Seattle’s mild weather.  They pair well with a simple, uncomplicated, outfit, and can be dressed up with a heel for a sexy look or go full tomboy with sneakers and a baggy t-shirt.  Madewell and Urban Outfitters would be great places to start looking for this style.  I still haven’t found the perfect pair so I’m on the hunt.  Here’s what I have in mind.

caedd3c21bd6c25dabd7380bc5c3a793 DSC_7665 shopping-street-style-600x900

Finally, let’s get some shoes.  On my list are sneakers not meant for working out in and mules.

a493ab3f4cfccd01d8d524619cc4596e Le-Fashion-Blog-Paris-Street-Style-Camel-Coat-Black-Sequin-Midi-Skirt-Red-Nike-Sneakers-Casual-Cool-Sporty-Via-Vogue main.original.585x0 oversized-white-sweater_ohh-couture-fashion-blog tfs_sage_sweater-9 tumblr_ndua44sEBI1rbgazio1_1280

What’s on your shopping list this Spring?


Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

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After spending the weekend with some old friends, it got me thinking about the fluctuation of friendships.  I grew up singing this folk song at Girl Scout camp and it has always stuck with me.

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old
One is Silver and the Other is Gold

With my quarter life crisis in full swing, my friendships old and new carry a lot of weight these days because we lean on each other for support.  Having just moved to the city, I’ve been spending time with lots of new people and old friends I didn’t see as often when I lived across the water.  It got me thinking how friendships, bonds and connections with people are constantly changing throughout a lifetime.  When we’re young we think friendship is a concrete, forever thing.

I love the portrayal of female friendship on the HBO show Girls.  My friends and I are most definitely their target audience, and they hit the nail on the head with the weird quirks that come with female friendships in their 20’s.  The BBC article below reflects on the importance of female friendships and how they’ve been portrayed in TV and movies of the recent century.

Girls - 2014
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For women, being social is part of our make up.  We feed off of the people around us and are changed and affected by those relationships.

My point being, people come and go, cherish them all the same for what they contribute to your life!


Seattle To Do List

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With Lauren’s time in Seattle coming to an end in April, we decided to make a to-do list of Seattle activities.  Some to do before she leaves and some for future visits I’m sure.  As sad as I am that she’s moving to California, I’m so excited to have a friend in a new place for me to visit!  It’ll add some spice to our blog as well, having her blog from California and Jenna and myself in Seattle.

Our Seattle bucket list is great if you are visiting Seattle for the first (or second or third) time, if you’re playing tour guide for out-of-town visitors, or if you’re simply looking for new activities in your city.


Ride a water taxi

Take a dance class

Eat at Paseo

Find and go to secret bars

Ride a seaplane

Go for a hike

Go to the Ballard farmers market & Fremont Sunday market

Ride the Great Wheel

Pike Place Market Ghost Tour

Seattle underground history tour

Kayak or paddleboard on Lake Union


What are your favorite Seattle activities?

-S, L & J

Traveling Flubs


A Facebook friend recently posted a status asking what peoples most expensive traveling mistakes have been, and it inspired me to write about mine!  It was such an utter failure, I can only laugh about it now and hope others learn from my mistake.  I sure as hell won’t be repeating it.

In 2012, after studying abroad in Australia, I wanted to go on a trip to a country vastly different from the western countries I’m used to.  I thought about Thailand because it was a popular destination for Australians. Ever since seeing Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts, I’d dreamed of Bali.  One day while running with my friend Amanda from Sri Lanka, she suggested I come stay with her and her family in Sri Lanka.  I honestly don’t think I’d heard of Sri Lanka before meeting Amanda, so what could be better than a mysterious island for my adventure!  I could write a whole blog post on that experience, but I’ll save Sri Lanka for another time.

418297_10150622955637814_858792426_n 403275_10150622954307814_908860432_n 409198_10150622957357814_1040019480_n  419832_10150622955012814_317919610_n 416857_10150622953332814_306024131_n

With the budget airline I booked, I had to spend a night in Malaysia each way.  This was a bonus — I got to hit two countries in one trip.  A family friend had been to Malaysia many times and had all sorts of shopping and eating suggestions for the city, which were incredible.  All the noodles my heart could desire, a shopping spree at Zara and architectural marvels galore.  It was the end of my travels, 6 months away from home and I was ready to get back to my friends and family.  I arrived at the budget airport with plenty of time and had my last Malaysian meal.  I decided to check out what movies I could watch on the flight, but I didn’t see my flight listed.  I headed to the counter and was informed that my flight had taken off yesterday…I missed my flight by an entire day and the next flight didn’t leave until the next day.  By that time the next day I would have missed my expensive flight from Australia back to the U.S.

First things first, I curled up into a ball on the floor and cried because I had no way to communicate with my parents or our family friends in Australia who had planned to pick me up and were probably panicking like I was.  Once I pulled myself together I asked the girl at the counter how I could possibly get back to Australia that day, to which the only solution was to bus to the fancy airport, purchase a $1000 ticket to Melbourne, from there call my parents and have them buy me a ticket from Melbourne to Brisbane where my plane took off back to the U.S. the next day.  I flew Malaysia Air and had the fanciest flying experience ever, where I was served tuna sashimi salad for dinner and watched movies on a big, flat screen T.V.  Thank goodness this was before the issues they’ve had this year or I would have had a much more severe panic attack.

All in all, an experience I’ll never forget and never repeat!  Always check your itinerary VERY carefully.  I’d love to hear other traveling flubs, feel free to share in a comment!


Grammy After Thoughts

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After watching the Grammy’s on Sunday night, I’m buzzing with thoughts on all the high fashion and variety of musical performances!  I was surprisingly impressed with Katy Perry singing a beautiful ballad, the fact that there was a full performance in Spanish, multiple country and rock artists and some interesting collaborations.  The only musical let down of the night for me was Gwen Stafani singing with Adam Lavine.  However, her red carpet jumpsuit by Atelier Versace was a spectacular piece of work.

And with that, on to the Fashion!  There were some major trends this year, from sparkles to sleek form fitting, cutouts and lots of black and white.  Some of my favorite details!  I was so inspired by the rock and roll, tailored suits and glamour that I ended up in all black with a suit blazer at work on Monday, which is very unlike my usual style.  I think you’ll understand why when you see my favorites from the night.

Favorite Dress: Katy Perry in Zuhair Murad dress and Sophia Webster shoes (love her!)


What can I say, I love sparkle, fringe and purple hair.  Always.

Favorite Suit: Anna Kendrick in Band of Outsiders


Best Jumpsuit: Gwen Stefani in Atelier Versace



Kim Kardashian in Jean Paul Gaultier


I’m getting a little sick of her mile long slits, but this dress is stunning.  I’m attracted to almost anything sparkly, and the bead work on this dress is amazing, it must way a ton!

Rihanna in Giambattista Valli


I was shocked when the camera landed on Rihanna getting out of her car, I think my jaw actually dropped.  This was just so unexpected, though it definitely grew on me throughout the night though.  The shade of pink is beautiful, the top 1/100th of the dress fits very nicely and it softens Bad Girl Riri in a way.  I think she won most talked about for sure, so good for her.

What was your favorite and least favorite look of the night?  I didn’t even touch on the men’s fashion, my only thoughts being that John Mayer and Dierks Bentley looked dreamy.


Quarter Life Crisis

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It’s real!  Turning 25 has been looming in my mind.  A quarter of a century old is scary, I’ve just gotten used to being 24.  I think what’s throwing me off is dwelling on all I haven’t done.  So I’ve decided to make a list, because they calm me, of a few things I would like to accomplish this year and a few things I already have!  And really, get to it, because I don’t want life to pass me by while I sit passively and end up being 30 and unfulfilled.

1. Euro-trip with a best friend

2. Join a book club download

3. Move to Seattle download

4. Make new friends

5. Go to Lake Chelan

6. Get second tattoo

7. Admit shopping addiction

8. Visit faraway friends

9. See more live music

10. Get involved in community

What else should I add to my list?  What have you done and/or would like to do this year?  And how are you other quarter century olds coping!?


Seahawks Pride v. What’s Really Important

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10366158_10205399689098233_3634203972510044849_n v. NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks

On the morning of the big playoff game this past Sunday I was sitting with my friend Jenessa, who is a music teacher, and my mother, who is the executive director of a non-profit that supports people with disabilites, discussing the Seahawks and money.

Jenessa was venting about not having enough funding to rent school buses to get her kids from their school to the local elementary school to put on a concert.  A major factor in running a non-profit is also wrangling funding.  The Seahawks however, are raking in the dough and the support of the entire city and beyond to much of the state.

It took me a while to realize, but it is really spectacular to see a city united in their support of something.  On the other hand, I wish we could all come together to support organizations in our community that make a long term, positive difference in peoples lives.  The back bone of a productive economy is education, and there are classrooms that lack the essential tools to be productive.

It’s hard to level the playing field between garnering support for teachers versus sports stars, because teachers don’t fill big arenas and attract the popularity and with it the merchandising that a sports team does.  But why not?  Most of us have gone through the educational system…and the better educated our society, the more success we will have as a whole.  I just can’t wrap my brain around the disparity sometimes.

One particular book helped me see education in this light, and that is Half the Sky by Nicholas D. Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn.  It inspired my passionate and absolute support of education from the bottom up.  Everyone should read this book!

Just to further my point, one of the trademark attorneys at my office sent this article around this morning.  Unbeknownst to most of Seattle, the Seahawks have been aggressively trying to cash in on many of the phrases associated with the Seahawks and Seahawks fans.  Trying to trademark the “12th Man” and the word “Boom” in order to make even MORE money.

This is not to say that people should stop spending money on their beloved Seahawks merchandise, but rather that maybe some of that passion and support could be redirected towards education in our community.

What is your take on this subject?  I’d love to hear any and all opinions.


O.O.T.D. x 1 Week

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There’s definitely a theme to my outfit choices since working at Anthropologie…go figure.  It seemed a good time for this post as I am wrapping up my time there for this holiday season.  The rewards of working there have far surpassed my expectations of just fueling my shopping habit.  I found working with the strong, confident, beautiful women (and one man) both inside and out, gave me so much inspiration and a renewed excitement and confidence in myself.  The positive and encouraging atmosphere was so refreshing compared to my stuffy office job, and really promoted creativity and self expression through fashion.

2015-01-12 14.58.56

Monday – Anthropologie Tunic, Banana Republic Skirt, Anthropologie Dolce Vita Boots


Tuesday – Aritzia Hat, Anthropologie Coat, Urban Outfitters Scarf, Aritzia Sweater, Tom’s Booties

Wednesday – Aritzia Jacket found at Plato’s Closet, Aritzia Top, Free People Skirt, Seychelles Boots from Anthropologie


Thursday – Anthropologie Jumper, Anthropologie Heels, Aritzia Top

2015-01-16 17.32.23

Friday – Seahawks t-shirt, Anthropologie pants, Zara boots & repeat jacket from Wednesday

Weekend Wanderings

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2015-01-11 14.07.282015-01-11 14.05.28IMG_46852015-01-11 15.00.242015-01-11 15.04.592015-01-11 15.03.16

12 hours in Ellensburg:

First Stop – Oyama Sushi.  Yes, I know it is odd to eat Sushi inland, but I promise it was excellent and fresh.

Second – Umtanum Falls.  A very easy stroll, except for the ice, that leads you to the rocky outcrop on top of a falls.  We decided to make our stroll more fun with a wager, that the last person to slip and fall buys the other two the first beer.  Luckily and not so luckily, I was the first to go down.

Most Favorite – Iron Horse Pub.  Local beer with an attitude.  Their slogan is, “You’re Welcome”.  With a double IPA called Double Rainbow, a stout appropriately named Irish Death and their signature hefeweizen, High Five Hef, you’re bound to fall for their sassy charm and excellent craft beer.

Last but not least – Valley Cafe for dessert and espresso.  Known for their key lime pie, chocolate ganache and creme brulee. There’s no better service in town 😉

Two great coffee shops in town are D&M Espresso and Koletty’s Coffee.  I love D&M for their home made soups and pastries and from the suggestion of a friend, Koletty’s white coffee is a must try.

Ellensburg is frequently visited by road trippers on their way to the Gorge over the summer and is a good middle point to stop for a break on the way to Idaho.  Hopefully these suggestions will come in handy!  Happy adventuring to all.