That’s it. I quit. I’m movin’ on.

Quick Read

It has been 4 months since I last posted on this site. I’m not sure what really happened. Lauren went on an adventure that took her out of Seattle. Sophia got a new job and moved to the city. And me? Well nothing happened and I think that was the problem. I wasn’t growing, I wasn’t enjoying work, and I wasn’t really doing anything but getting caught up on my “read 1 book a week” goal.

Although I read some amazing books over the last 4 months, I had a looming date of July 10th, 2015 that was slowly creeping up. This date was the end date of my program for work. This date meant I would have to settle down in one job for the foreseeable future. This scared me.

I started working on my resume and portfolio just in case. I have always dreamed of living in NYC so I applied for a few jobs there. Then I decided for awhile that I would stay at my company, I didn’t want to make any hard decisions. Months went by and I was complacent. I began talking to old professors, old coworkers, new managers, and new coworkers. They all had a different idea of what I should do and I wasn’t excited about any of them. Some said to go travel, saying that this is the only time I would be able to live like that. Others said to not travel because it shows you aren’t serious about having a career. But, am I serious about having a career? Well apparently not, because…

Ladies and gentlemen, I have quit my job. Yes, this is true. I will no longer have my very well paid job in the tech industry after July 10th, 2015.

This means you will probably hear more from me. I am taking off the rest of the month of July, doing some traveling and spending time with family. I’ll talk more about the decision, my plan, and some other things I have up my sleeve in later posts.

— J

I’m going to leave you with this vintage video of Adele, singing my current theme song:


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