Operation Tidying Up: Part 1, Admitting the Problem


I am in the middle of a transformation. I’ve created a little cocoon of inspiration and I am about ready to break free and become a tidy butterfly! If you aren’t following, here is the rundown: I am not the tidiest person. That isn’t the easiest thing to admit on the internet, but the first step to getting help is to admit you have a problem. I generally keep common areas clutter-free, but my own room looks like it has been hit by a hurricane at all times. There are more clothes on my floor than in my closet. I have three dirty clothes baskets full of clean clothes that I’m too lazy to put away. My current shopping addiction-kick and the fact that I am currently living in a bedroom that barely fits my queen sized bed and a small dresser has led me to frustration and a deep desire to get my life together. This weekend I stopped into Barnes & Noble to browse and came across a book that caught my eye, “the life-changing magic of tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing” by Marie Kondo. Now that I have finished the 206 pages, I am now ready to get started on my quest to a tidy life! I’m going to document my journey and hopefully it will help inspire you to do the same!

Kondo’s KonMari method has you go through everything you own in a special order and you ask yourself “Does this bring me joy?”. If it doesn’t, get rid of it. If it does, you will continue to cherish it. After this practice, people have been known to quit their jobs, get divorced, or even come across great luck! I’m not sure if any of that will happen to me, but I will make sure to document myself having to go through all my books and the tears that will most likely ensue when I have to get rid of my Harry Potter memorabilia.


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