Why I KickStart


We live in a world full of people with so many great ideas, but resources are scarce. That is what makes crowd funding so interesting and why I love to browse sites like KickStarter. The first time I participated was back in 2013 when Kristen Bell announced that they were FINALLY going to begin a KickStarter campaign to fund the Veronica Mars movie. They broke all sorts of records and were able to create a movie that did the series justice. Ever since, I find myself browsing KickStarter campaigns to see what I can find. Here’s a list of some of the ones I have funded and some that I am SO very tempted to fund:

The Veronica Mars Movie Project: unprecedented campaign to fund the making of the Veronica Mars Movie. As a Marshmallow I couldn’t say no to finally getting what we always wanted: a movie! (fully funded, completed)

OdiousList: an R-rated version of Scattergories. I was brought up on that game and can only play cards against humanity so many times! (fully funded, through March 9th)

The Rising Star Project Documentary: documentary about a local Seattle theater’s flagship educational program. I love going to the 5th Avenue Theatre and always want to promote the arts in my city! (not fully funded, through March 9th)

Hogwarts: the Ballet Based on Harry Potter’s Famous Stories: ballet and Harry Potter… need I say more? (fully funded, through March 2nd)


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