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As a skincare enthusiast, face masks have a special place in my heart. When you take the time to slather a bunch of goop on your face, let it sit for half an hour, and rinse it off, you are straight up pampering yourself. You are saying, “Hey skin, I love you.” Self-care is important. It’s good to be decadent sometimes.

I love trying new face masks, but there are a few that I always go back to.

LUSH Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask

This mask is calming, scrubby, and natural. Plus, it’s bright green. I just feel like face masks should be bright green, don’t you? The scrubby bits are made of ground almonds so you do have to be careful not to rub too hard when removing it (be gentle with your skin!). This is one mask that makes my face brighter as soon as I rinse it off. It needs to be stored in the fridge and does need to be used up within a few weeks. One tub gives me 4-5 uses.

Moroccan Lava Rose-Vedic Blemish Relief Face Masque

Whew, that is a mouthful. From Shea Terra Organics, this mask is all natural and organic. It comes in powder form so you mix it with water (and don’t have to worry about it going bad). My skin feels healthier after using this mask, but it also smells strongly of thyme — I’m still not sure how I feel about that. I want to try Shea Terra’s other clay-based masks, especially the one made with camel’s milk!

Raw honey & lemon juice


This one is great if your skin needs moisture or if you are dealing with a breakout. Just mix a few drops of lemon juice with raw honey (you might need to heat it up if your honey is solid) and spread it over your skin. This also works as a spot treatment. Raw honey is great on its own, too.

Sheet masks


Sheet masks come in a million varieties. I stock up on them whenever I am in an Asian grocery store. I’ve never used the same type of sheet mask twice so I don’t have a specific recommendation. All I know is these are fun to use (and the packaging is so cute). At one point I used multiple sheet masks a week and left the product on my face when I went to bed (rather than rinsing it off) and my skin didn’t like that so much. So now I just use one every now and then and rinse the product off after removing the sheet. If you are ever in an Asian market and see some of these babies, try one! They are super cheap (just beware of spooking your roommates by walking around with one of these on your face).


Those are my recommendations! What are your favorite face masks?


Note: I am in no way affiliated with or compensated by any of these companies. These are just products I have enjoyed and purchased on my own.


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