I would like a Madam President, please

Feminism, Politics

57% of adults are apathetic to the idea of having a woman president during their lifetime says this Pew Center research. This number scares me. Women’s rights are being challenged every day in the United States of America, land of the free. If women don’t have political power, who is going to help protect these rights? What scares me even more is that the same people taking away these freedoms don’t care if there is a woman president. I’m talking to you, Republican men. Why do only 16% of you care to have a woman president? It’s almost as if you don’t respect women.

If I live until the ripe old age of 85 and every subsequent president after Obama completes two terms, I have the potential to have eight more presidents in my life time. Statistically speaking, half the population is women so I should see four women presidents in my life. Historically speaking, none should be women and at the rate we are going I probably won’t see a woman president. We can’t let history continue to repeat itself. I want women to be represented in all leadership, not just as the President of the United States. Different problems could be solved with women in leadership. Don’t believe me? Watch this video that describes how diversity drives innovation.

I want women to be inspired to become leaders and make this world better. I was lucky enough to have Grandma always supporting women leaders and giving me awesome shirts like the one in the picture below. Don’t we want more people engaged in the political process? I believe a woman president would do that– and bring something refreshing to good ole U.S.A.


3rd grade Jenna sporting the “Someday a woman will be president” t-shirt gifted by her grandmother


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