What makes an outfit?

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I have never been very good at this whole fashion thing. Putting together outfits doesn’t come easily to me.

Until I started paying attention to style a few years ago, I was the girl who wore leggings and a hoodie sweatshirt every day.

Now, even though I put a lot more thought and effort into my outfits than I used to, I still find myself wondering how other women manage to look so darn stylish and put together. Personally, I feel like I’m just wearing clothes… Not necessarily a complete outfit.

So I’ve been trying to figure out the answer to this question: what makes an outfit? And while I’m sure there are dozens of ways to answer that question, if I have learned one thing so far it’s that shoes are a secret weapon. Shoes can take an otherwise average outfit and turn it into something intentional, creative, and complete.

Let’s get some shoes.

What else do you keep in mind when creating an outfit?



3 thoughts on “What makes an outfit?

  1. I love the minimalist look, but I’ve been working on layering! Something I struggle with fashion-wise. So right about shoes though, that’s why my entire closet floor is covered in them!

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