Rethinking Fashion and Retail


As someone who does not enjoy the mall shopping experience, I have turned into an avid online shopper. I prefer higher-priced, long-lasting pieces to their cheaper counterparts which is hard to determine when shopping online. My mind always wonders “What makes this so cheap?” or “What makes this so expensive?”. There is also the questions of where the pieces are produced. A fashion business has picked up on these concerns and created Everlane, a “radically transparent” line available online for men and women.  It has grown from an invitation only experience for a few items to a site where new arrivals are sold out in preorder. Each item displays the factory where they were produced, in-depth style details, and transparent prices. They are continually listening to their customers and making changes accordingly: they have added pop up shops, offered 1-hour delivery in NYC, and now new customers can try styles at home and return at no cost! You can learn more and join here. We can both earn $25 towards a purchase! Happy shopping! — J


(Note: This is not sponsored by Everlane 🙂 I just like them!)


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