Superbowl Aftermath in Seattle

Quick Read, Sports


This post is coming later than most because Seattle has gone into a great depression after last night’s game. Our adrenaline was pumping until that last fateful play. The energy was high– then a few choice curse words were shouted– and then an intense lull with some die-hard fans shedding a few tears. This is in contrast to last year where (mostly) peaceful celebrating happened in the streets well until the night. You couldn’t have asked for a better match up after last year’s lackluster game. However, with a city sporting so much Seahawks pride, we had a lot to lose. I was in the center of it all in a neighborhood of Seattle near Century Link stadium called Pioneer Square. We found ourselves at a sports bar by a fire in their outdoor area watching with throngs of people. News outlets were in our faces all day– waiting for our reactions. Unfortunately, they probably got what they needed. Now on to the next season and hopefully Seattle will find something else exciting to rally behind!



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