Dad Advice: Blizzard Edition


If your father is anything like mine, he loves to give advice. Everything can be more efficient and he makes sure I know how to do it. The other day Lauren pointed me towards the twitter of Mallory Ortberg who gives the Twitterverse a prompt and retweets the best responses. Due to the arrival of the Noreaster Blizzard this week, she had the Twitterverse ask their dads (or next best option) for advice for the storm. Here are some of the responses she received.

I decided to join in on the fun (verbally, my dad doesn’t respond to texts) and this was the result:

Me: “What advice would you give to me if there was a blizzard?”

Dad: “Make sure you have an appetite and you are ready to eat it.”

Next time I should remember that my dad associates the word “Blizzard” with Dairy Queen and I should always be more specific. — J


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