The Perks of Moonlighting

Dance, Fitness/Health, Quick Read, Tech Industry, Workplace

For someone in the tech industry, I have a very rare moonlighting gig. After a 40 hour week, I moonlight as a dance teacher at a studio about 30 minutes outside of Seattle. I teach little munchkins how to do plies, shuffles, and cartwheels. I choreograph jazz, lyrical, and musical theater dances for the competition team. I only officially teach one evening a week, but I sub for other teachers, help at the recitals and picture-days, and cheer on our team at competitions throughout the year. 969668_10151447406541087_657398746_n Some people think I’m crazy and my friends complain that I’m never free. But after five years of teaching on the side of school or work, I can’t imagine ever giving it up. I want nothing more than to be dancing around a large room after a day of sitting at a desk. I get to laugh at my students who are five and try to tell me the most ridiculous stories. I don’t have to use my brain, my body just knows what to do. What’s even better, I get to share my love of dance with a whole new generation. Moonlighting allows you to do what you love, but not necessarily make a career out of it. Not every employer supports it, but if yours does, see if you can fit it in to your busy schedule! — J 1614231_10152041678261087_4325678024252608073_o Quick shout out: Last weekend my studio competed at Rainbow Dance Competition in Seattle. One of our routines was chosen to be a part of the Video of the Year competition. Whoever gets the most likes on the video posted to their Facebook page, wins a promo video for the studio. If you would like to support us, please click here and like the video “Let’s Go Crazy!” So proud of our young dancers!


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