O.O.T.D. x 1 Week

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There’s definitely a theme to my outfit choices since working at Anthropologie…go figure.  It seemed a good time for this post as I am wrapping up my time there for this holiday season.  The rewards of working there have far surpassed my expectations of just fueling my shopping habit.  I found working with the strong, confident, beautiful women (and one man) both inside and out, gave me so much inspiration and a renewed excitement and confidence in myself.  The positive and encouraging atmosphere was so refreshing compared to my stuffy office job, and really promoted creativity and self expression through fashion.

2015-01-12 14.58.56

Monday – Anthropologie Tunic, Banana Republic Skirt, Anthropologie Dolce Vita Boots


Tuesday – Aritzia Hat, Anthropologie Coat, Urban Outfitters Scarf, Aritzia Sweater, Tom’s Booties

Wednesday – Aritzia Jacket found at Plato’s Closet, Aritzia Top, Free People Skirt, Seychelles Boots from Anthropologie


Thursday – Anthropologie Jumper, Anthropologie Heels, Aritzia Top

2015-01-16 17.32.23

Friday – Seahawks t-shirt, Anthropologie pants, Zara boots & repeat jacket from Wednesday


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