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12 hours in Ellensburg:

First Stop – Oyama Sushi.  Yes, I know it is odd to eat Sushi inland, but I promise it was excellent and fresh.

Second – Umtanum Falls.  A very easy stroll, except for the ice, that leads you to the rocky outcrop on top of a falls.  We decided to make our stroll more fun with a wager, that the last person to slip and fall buys the other two the first beer.  Luckily and not so luckily, I was the first to go down.

Most Favorite – Iron Horse Pub.  Local beer with an attitude.  Their slogan is, “You’re Welcome”.  With a double IPA called Double Rainbow, a stout appropriately named Irish Death and their signature hefeweizen, High Five Hef, you’re bound to fall for their sassy charm and excellent craft beer.

Last but not least – Valley Cafe for dessert and espresso.  Known for their key lime pie, chocolate ganache and creme brulee. There’s no better service in town 😉

Two great coffee shops in town are D&M Espresso and Koletty’s Coffee.  I love D&M for their home made soups and pastries and from the suggestion of a friend, Koletty’s white coffee is a must try.

Ellensburg is frequently visited by road trippers on their way to the Gorge over the summer and is a good middle point to stop for a break on the way to Idaho.  Hopefully these suggestions will come in handy!  Happy adventuring to all.



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