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Inspired by the article below

BBC Article – Turn the Table on Control Freaks

Getting along with coworkers…is sometimes a struggle for me.  I am fairly introverted, non-confrontational and can be shy and soft spoken in a new or uncomfortable setting.  The personality type described in the BBC article is one I struggle with most.  They tend to overpower me which I end up resenting them and myself for letting that happen.  It’s the new year and I would like to work on being more sure of myself in my office, and elsewhere!

Do you adjust your own ways or expect that others will catch a hint and realize that they are making you uncomfortable?  It almost pains me to have to adjust my approach so much so that it makes me uncomfortable, in order to deal with a coworker who is so different.  I’m learning it is neccessary to do though if I want anything to change.  How do you handle difficult coworkers?  Feel free to share any insight!

10426762_1593229700888602_5067814614628398681_n (2)

I do like most of my coworkers, most of the time.  So here’s a picture of us liking eachother =)


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