Single & Mingling

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“In today’s Tinder-verse, everyone and anyone can get laid if they really want to, so just be real about what you want.” –Emily Sher

I feel like Emily Sher summed up my feelings on tinder and dating perfectly.  It’s so easy for people to find a quick hook up with such little effort that the excitement of dating and getting to know another person seems to be getting left behind.  Is dating a thing of the past?  I sure hope not, because being an introvert and a cautious person in general, I can’t handle this modern dating scene!  Having been quite single since leaving college and my small college town, I get asked by friends, family and some randoms who have no business asking, if I’m dating anyone and if I’ve tried online dating.  I can feel my blood start to boil just thinking about how uncomfortable this makes me.  I just want to run away!  No I haven’t tried online dating, I’m only 24!

So for now, I read about other peoples dabbles in online dating.  Natalie Joos, of the Tales of Endearment blog I recomended in my Fashion Blogs to Follow, has some great insight and a lassez faire attitude I really appreciate and relate to.  Her take on dressing for dates is super helpful for the girls like me who dress for other fashion girls as oppose to appealing to a larger audience (i.e. men).

Maybe a time will come when I decide to try online dating, but for now I’m hoping to meet someone the old school way.  I won’t be waiting around for Prince Charming though.  My approach is to be real about what I want and when I am interested in someone, I don’t hesitate to make it known.  Rejection happens, but dating is fun!  Getting to know myself and new people is what it’s all about.  I’d love to hear other philosophies on dating, so please share!



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