Gluten-Free Eating For Those Without the Allergy

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The “Gluten-Free craze” has really taken off in Seattle and I’ve heard the trend is catching on in other parts of the world too. Even naturally gluten-free foods are starting to advertise the fact they are gluten-free (I’m looking at you Chex cereal). I grew up with my Grandma having celiac disease so she would bring her own disgusting, crumbly bread to Thanksgiving and usually had few options at restaurants. Now I have lots of friends and family who are at least gluten sensitive, there are gluten-free menus at restaurants, and whole aisles of alternatives are sold at grocery stores.

There is some controversy over this craze. People do it to be healthier but some food has to make up for the fact it is missing gluten by adding other ingredients that actually make the food less “healthy” (whatever that means). You can definitely find gluten-free foods at Whole Foods, your local natural markets (PCC in Seattle), and even most larger chains are starting to carry gluten-free foods. When starting off, make sure to try everything and look at what they put in to make it not taste “gluten-free”.

I myself have tried a month of gluten-free eating (twice) and have tested a lot of my sister’s and roommate’s gluten free options. Now, I try to do gluten-free whenever I can even though I don’t have a strong sensitivity. But, I only eat things that I believe taste good so I decided to compile a list of recipes and items you can get at the grocery store that I enjoy. They are good options to try if you want to give gluten-free eating a try. I chose ideas that traditionally have gluten like pastas, breads, and cakes! Some of these take a few tries before it seems normal so don’t give up on the first try!

Overnight Eggnog French Toast Casserole Recipe

This is not a gf recipe, but we made some with gf bread and actually preferred it to regular!

Most Everyting Udi’s

GF breads, cookies, brownies, and lots of other options!

Bionaturae Pasta

Between my sister, my roommate, and myself– this is our favorite GF pasta from a grocery store!

Gluten Free Carrot Cake Recipe

Most people couldn’t tell it was gf!

The Cravings Place Allergy-Free Mixes

Brownie and Pancake mixes are amazing!

Spaghetti Squash

I don’t use a recipe for this– just cook and add a little bit of marinara sauce and veggies. I cook whole and in the oven– takes about an hour but it is worth it!

I am no expert on gluten-free eating but these are some great suggestions. If you guys have favorite grocery store finds or recipes let me know! — J


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