Favorite Holiday Baking Recipes

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During the holidays, I get my oven mitts and cooling racks ready for lots of baking. Not only does my family have a cookie baking night every year, I have my sister’s birthday cake to make! I have acquired lots of great recipes over the years and here are a few of my favorites.


Snowball Cookies (a.k.a Mexican Wedding Cakes)

These cookies are part of our yearly tradition. Not too sweet and easy to make. We make them early in the holiday season and freeze them to make them last the whole season!


Peppermint Ice Cream Cake

I made this for my sister’s birthday, which is on Christmas Eve, a few years back and it was a hit! Everyone was impressed and assumed it was a hard recipe. It takes a bit of planning and time but there is nothing complicated about it. The frosting was the easiest part and super tasty– I never have used whipped cream for frosting before but it works well with the ice cream cake!


Chewy Sugar Cookies

Break out the cookie cutters for this one! For years we tried different sugar cookie recipes for decorating cookies and we finally found “the one” a few years ago. These are chewy but also are great for decorating. Pro Tip: To do intricate frosting work, put it in a small ziplock bag and cut off the corner!


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