My Skincare Routine: Morning

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Whenever I’m reading through a new blog, one of the first things I look for is a skincare and/or makeup routine post.

Even if it’s a food blog, I have to check. I guess it’s because I’m a product junkie, always looking for something I haven’t tried or something new to learn. You never know what you’ll find. A few months back I found myself on a gorgeous personal travel blog called The Wanderlust Project where, thanks to Sheryll’s beauty reviews, I learned about Korean skincare practices for the first time. Fascinating stuff!

All that to say, I’m going to share my own skincare routine with you today, because I know I’m not alone in finding these things useful and interesting. This will be long, so I’m breaking it up into two pieces. First up, morning.

My Morning Skincare Routine

Mine has been a routine many years in the making, and it is ever evolving. For example, now that we’re getting into the winter months I am experimenting with heavier moisturizers. But for the most part, as long as I stick to these basics, on any given day I’ll have the best skin I’ve had since my first pimple appeared at age 12.

First, a little about my skin: it is sensitive and combination – not very dry, definitely not oily. I used to struggle with moderate acne; it was never severe, just a cluster of zits here and there in a never-ending cycle. Because of that, I now have some scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) on my cheeks. As I’m (a) getting older, and (b) learning how to take care of my skin, I am now mostly acne-free, but because my skin is so sensitive I do still get the occasional short-lived pimple a few times a month.

Now onto my routine.


1. Depending on the day, I will either rinse my face with water or cleanse with the Korres Milk Proteins Foaming Cream Cleanser.

This stuff changed my skin. Throughout my teen years I used harsh Neutrogena cleansers that left my face red and tight after cleansing. I thought that was just the way my skin was! Enter the Korres cleanser. In college, one of my best friends had flawless skin, and when I slept over at her house I made a mental note when I saw this cleanser in her bathroom. I bought it the next day and have never looked back. I do try other cleansers now and then (mostly when this one is out of stock – it’s popular), but I always come back to this one.

2. Next, I spray my face with this Yonka Lotion. It is a hydrating toner, that, honestly, just feels and smells so luxurious, I can’t get enough. It’s a big bottle so it lasts forever, but I might try a cheaper hydrating toner when this one runs out. I stay far away from drying, astringent toners that are most typical when we think of toners here in the US. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that hydration & balance are key, no matter what type of skin you have. I keep harsh products away from my face.

3. I apply a couple pumps of Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer, mixed with a drop or two of jojoba oil. (I’ll talk more about jojoba oil in my nighttime routine.) This Aveeno lotion is one thing I got right back in high school. My sister and I still swear by it. It’s gentle, hydrating, has a lovely smell, and it works. I occasionally get some bumps on my chest, and if I put this on, by the next day my skin will be so smooth I can’t stop touching it. (Maybe that’s why I get the bumps in the first place…) Anyway, the only thing that would make this daily moisturizer perfect would be some SPF.

4. Speaking of which… The last step in my morning routine is SPF. Unfortunately, I am constantly searching for THE ONE. The one that’s not greasy, doesn’t break me out, and doesn’t break the bank. Who can afford to spend $40+ for an ounce of a product you glob all over your face every single day? Not me. I’m currently trying out a Paula’s Choice moisturizer with SPF but I won’t say which one because I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.

That’s it for morning. After these 4 steps I head on to my makeup routine (which may turn into a blog post of its own).

Things get real exciting in my nighttime routine (at least in the opinion of this skincare nerd) so check back soon if you’d like to read about those products.

Thanks for reading! If you have a favorite SPF, please tell me in the comments!

Products mentioned in this post:

Korres Milk Proteins Foaming Cream Cleanser – $22 for 5.07oz
Yonka Lotion PS for normal to dry skin – $30-35 for 6.8oz
Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer – $15 for 4oz
Trader Joe’s 100% Pure Jojoba Oil (similar here) – about $6 for 4oz

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with these companies or compensated for mentioning their products. These are purely my opinions based on my own experiences.


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