Happy, Healthy, Curls


Curls for blogMy curly hair routine has been my life’s struggle, so I’d like to think it is the subject I have the most expertise on.  Ever since a fatal chop my sophomore year of college, I’ve been trying to grow my hair out.  And looking through pictures, it never seems to be any longer than shoulder length!  Meanwhile, straight hair seems to grow like a weed.  I’ve done quite a bit of research (Pinteresting) to get to the bottom of this crucial dilemma.  Take a look for yourself: http://www.pinterest.com/sophiamargolis/hairstyle. You’ll find my hair section littered with braids, purple hair, and tips for growing long, healthy, curls.

My Routine:

1.  Sulfate free shampoo.  Sulfate strips the scalp of it’s natural oils, which for dry, curly hair, are essential to it’s health and in turn the growth of hair.  The product I use, solely because of it’s affordability is L’Oreal Paris sulfate free.


2. Moisturizing conditioner.  I use Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner, also because of the price and recommendations from other curly girls.


3.  Oil or leave in conditioner.  This one I switch up quite frequently.  I used MoroccanOil for a while because my hair stylist gave me a deal on it, then switched to various drug store brands that have Moroccan oil in their product.  As of late I’ve been using a thicker leave in conditioner to add some volume to my hair.  Clearly this step is something that varies for each person depending on the end result desired.

Last but not least!  The most important step I’ve learned this year is to not over do it with products and drying.  I have cut back to washing/conditioning every 2-3 days and drying my hair upside down with an old t-shirt which is less harsh on curls and spreads the scalps natural oils.  In general I am of the go natural philosophy, and from my research have concluded that the best thing for a curly girl’s hair is the natural oils your scalp produces.  My curls have never been happier =)

What are your curly hair tips?




2 thoughts on “Happy, Healthy, Curls

  1. Good tips-thanks Sophie! I have been growing my curly hair out for a while from a very short cut and I have a couple tips of my own, too 🙂 These things help me have soft, natural & bouncy curls.

    I skip shampoo all but once or twice a week to keep the natural oils, and when I do shampoo it’s also sulfate-free. I use conditioner more often because it helps me get out tangles in the shower, and a little scrubbing and rinsing makes my hair feel more clean and less greasy.

    I comb my hair with fingers or a wide-tooth comb in the shower but NEVER after showering (unless for some reason I don’t mind looking like a puff-ball). Letting your curls dry naturally and untouched, aside from parting it how you want it and a gentle towel (or t-shirt) squeeze allow them to stay in their natural locks, really reduces frizz and makes the curls look more tidy. Best to avoid wind and lots of movement in that time that it’s drying if you can.

    Once my hair is dry, or at least mostly dry, I like to rub a very small amount of argan oil or jojoba oil into it with my hands, being careful not to separate the locks. This gives it a smooth, shiny look without being greasy.

    Lastly it’s good to get a trim every few months to keep the split ends away!



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