Winter Fashion Favorites


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The staples I’ve been lusting after…over the knee boots & high waist, light wash, denim & a long, collared coat.

Fashion is always one or two seasons ahead at all times.  With spring ’15 having been previewed in the September fashion shows around the world, this winters looks seem to be mimicking the feel of the Spring shows.  What I took away from the spring fashion theme was a mod, 70’s look.  Designers that stood out in this department for me were Saint Laurent, Chanel and Tommy Hilfiger, pictured in that order (  These three looks embody the cool, feminine flair of the era and each have a different air about them that can be adapted into your own wardrobe.  Look for deep, bold hues, floral and rich, varied textures.

Above: The Rock Groupie

Above: The Business Woman

Above: The Music Festival Goer

When mixing winter and spring styles together I picture tall go-go boots, platform heels, color blocking, boxy jackets and fur vests for my winter look.  Check out two of my favorite shops online, &, to combine that sweet, boho, chic look from Anthropologie with modern, edgy, tailored pieces from Asos.  How have the Spring fashion shows influenced your winter look?


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